Upcoming Programs

The Aldus Society Programs 2019-2020

Contact the Aldus Society at aldussocietycolumbus@gmail.com for further information including times and locations, or if you are interested in becoming a member of Aldus, a bibliophilic group in Columbus, and receive our regular listserve mailings.

September 12:

Michael J. Rosen will discuss his new book on James Thurber to be published by The Ohio State University Press in the fall of 2019, as well as his other writing about Thurber. Rosen is an author and illustrator of children’s books, poetry, and adult nonfiction, and an editor of anthologies. He was literary director of Thurber House in Columbus and has taught writing extensively.

October 10:

Richard Polt will discuss the history of the typewriter, including the writers who used them, including those who continued composing on into the 21st century. Polt, an expert on the history of typewriters, is active on the “Typosphere” and a former editor of the quarterly ETCetera publication about manual typewriters. He is a professor of philosophy at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

November 14:

Alison Beach, historian of medieval history at The Ohio State University, author of Women as Scribes: Book Production and Monastic Reform in Twelfth-Century Bavaria. Her work is based on her own research into the theory and remarkable evidence that women were actively involved in the production of medieval religious texts, which has recently been featured in stories in New York Times and other publications.

December 12:

Holiday Party (Aldus members & guests)

January 9, 2020:

At Aldus Collects, members present items from their collections.

February 13, 2020:

A panel discussion on bookselling with Linda Kass, proprietor of Bexley’s Gramercy Books, and former book store proprietors (and members) George Bauman and Tony Sanfilippo, will be moderated by member Jay Hoster, another former bookseller.

March 12, 2020:

Jeff Smith, author and illustrator of Bone, an independently published comic book series, serialized in 55 irregularly released issues from 1991 to 2004. Smith will talk about graphic novels and the creation Bone, a hugely popular series which won numerous awards including 10 Eisner awards and eleven Harvey awards.

April 9, 2020:

Frank Mowry will talk about his many years as conservator of the most important Shakespeare collection in the world. Mowery is former/retired (36 years) head of Conservation at the Folger Shakespeare Library, and world-renowned fine/design binder is still active in private practice as one of the world’s leading experts in book and paper conservation and restoration. He is an international educator, having taught advanced conservation courses in Switzerland, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Korea and in the United States.

May 14, 2020:

Member Genie Hoster will share the 200-year history of Columbus booksellers, their stores, and their stories. Hoster is in the final stages of preparation of a book on this subject, publication anticipated in early 2020.