12th Jan, 2017
Aldus Collects
  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Collecting - Past events 2017
  • Thurber Center
  • $0

Our favorite MC, George Cowmeadow Bauman, rounded up six collectors this year.

Miriam Kahn talked about her collection of Biographies of Reference Tools. She described her ever growing collection of biographies of dictionaries and encyclopedias, atlases and indices. Her lighthearted talk launched an evening of laughter and good cheer.

Alan Woods shared his theatrical biographies and autobiographies. His gems were William Shatner, Esther Williams, swimmer and movie star, and Ethel Merman, another gorgeous actress and singer, as well as Rosalind Russel, best known as actress of the film and stage. Who can resist the stars of the stage?

Margo Thacker talked about her inspiration for geometrical quilt patters and designs. She regaled us with stories of color and her passion for quilts and the ones that got away. Want to know more, Margo will happily share her ideas and incredible color sense.

One of Bill Rich’s favorite subjects is the Bronte sisters. He told great stories as he showed us his collection of American First Editions and Pirated copies of the Bronte’s masterpieces. Best of all, he has copies of books sold under the pseudonyms.

Sam West’s passion is motorcycle books. He delighted the audience by describing their charm and enchantment, and the freedom of flying on two wheels. Aldines were treated to books about all aspects of motorcycles. Best of all, he showed us books and movies from his collection.

Erik Jul rounded out the evening with his descriptions of publisher and bookseller tokens, particularly those of James Lackington. He had memoirs and confessions of Lackington’s and some great examples of the tokens he and Debra are collecting.

For all of you Aldines who haven’t shared your collections, be brave and talk to George about what makes you collect, acquire, or accumulate books to line the walls of your house and fill your home with warmth, knowledge, and entertainment.

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