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Thursday, November 11, 2021, 7:00 PM Email for a Zoom link

Wes Baker

The Development of Freedom of Expression Illustrated

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In this presentation Aldus member Wes Baker will discuss the development of Freedom of Expression from its 16th and early 17th century roots in the fight for Freedom of Conscience to the expanded understanding of the First Amendment in the 20th Century. He will illustrate the historical overview with items from his personal collection, starting with a rare 1599 printing of the Huguenot treatise Vindiciae, Contra Tyrannos (Garnett 1599b). Given the current debate over what speech should or should not be allowed into the marketplace, this historical review should help establish why Freedom of Expression has been viewed by its proponents as essential for a free people.

Wes Baker is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Cedarville University, where he taught classes in broadcasting, journalism and electronic media for 40 years. His interest in freedom of expression and its relationship to freedom of conscience has its roots in his own experience while working in radio in the 1970s.  He had the good fortune to study media law under Professor Harold L. Nelson, who was the director of the School of Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the premier academic in the field at the time.


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